Analysts state the obvious: ‘iPhone to drive mobile gaming’

Analysts state the obvious: 'iPhone to drive mobile gaming'

File under: “Gordon Bennett, who’s woulda thought it!” Analysts DFC Intelligence have declared that the iPhone and iPod touch will prove to be key players in the mobile gaming market.

Although you may think that this was fairly obvious to anyone who hasn’t been sleeping under a tree for the last two years, DFC have compiled a nice shiny report to remind us all.

The report concludes that the iPhone and iPod touch combo will become the “primary driver” of the market for handheld game sales within the next four to five years.

Such will be the popularity of games on the platform that they’ll soon account for almost a quarter of all iTunes app sales.

DFC reckons that the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS will probably remain the most common handhelds in terms of numbers sold, but calculates that both will have peaked  2014 (this, if course, assumes that no new models will come out, which seems a daft assumption to us.

We’d love to tell you more about the report, but seeing as it retails for the ridiculous sum of £1,530 , we’ll give it a miss, thanks.


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