London’s new double-decker bus announced

London's new double-decker bus announced

We loved the old Routemaster bus, with its handy rear platform for jumping on and off quickly, and Boris Johnson’s decision to reintroduce an updated version was one of the very few things we liked about the blonde buffoon.

The GLA have just released a video showing off the new design and it looks pretty damn good to our eyes – and pleasingly, more than a bit sci-fi too!

Here’s a listing of the new design features

  • Extensive use of glass to highlight key features and produce a light and airy feel inside the bus
  • A glass ‘swoop’ at the rear and offside to pick out the two staircases
  • An open platform at the rear, shared with the Routemaster of old, which can be closed off at quiet times and which allows the reinstatement of a hop-on hop-off service
  • Three doors and two staircases for smoother, speedier boarding and access to the upper deck.

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  1. All this new-fangled stuff is ok, and it does look good, but what I want to know is will it have a detachable bench seat to lean against the rear of the bus when it breaks down?

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