Microsoft’s awesomely bad Windows 7 adverts

This is truly painful. Bite your knuckles bad. Look away bad. OMG, please make it stop now bad.

Microsoft Win 7 Burn Music advert

To promote the upcoming launch of Windows 7, some nutjob at Microsoft has dreamt up truly painfully bad adverts. They’re so irritating, you feel your hands involuntarily shaping up to punch the living LCDSs out of your screen.

The ‘operating system launch party’ video below features a wildly improbable cast of actors huddled around a screen at the end of a party being implausibly entertained by an annoying geek.

Bizarrely, his friends find themselves both engrossed and amused by their host’s CD burning abilities, and unexplainable bonhomie exudes all over the set while Mr Smug thrills them with his dull tutorial.

And there’s more. Lots more.

Here’s a Japanese subtitled video of another hideous Windows 7 party scene.

This one features some curious chap proudly introducing himself as a “big fan of Windows Easy Transfer.”  That’s just a bit weird.

And this one with the endlessly yacking woman is beyond painful too. What kind of person would ever want to hang out with people like this?

Worst. Adverts. Ever.

Please Microsoft – and we’re begging you here – don’t make any more.