Motorola Atrix 4G promo released – we’re still drooling

Motorola Atrix 4G promo released and we're still drooling

We’re already digging Motorola’s innovative Atrix 4G Android smartphone, and to send our hearts into further palpitations of wanton desire, a new promo video has been released.

Hook it up to a TV

The video shows off some of  the  clever tricks that the Atrix is capable of, including the ability to bolt it on to the back of a dedicated netbook, or hook it straight up to a TV.

There’s even fingerprint recognition in there too and video chat.

So far, we’re pretty much sold on the concept, and this handset is looking a strong contender to be our next smartphone.

How about you, dear readers?

More videos (we’re not hearing any sound on these):

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