Mystery Google serves up mystery searches

Mystery Google serves up mystery searchesWe like this. Rather a lot in fact, although we’re not quite sure why.

Go to ‘Mystery Google’, type in any search terms you fancy and whatever you write will be completely ignored by Google and you see the results for whatever the previous person searched for.

And the next person will get your search results.

Don’t try and cheat Google though by clicking ‘search’ without typing anything in, or just rattle off  a load of random characters as it’ll be quick to tell you off with the admonition:  “Please don’t type gibberish.”

Worryingly, our first ‘mystery’ search came up with ‘BEN BEND OVER UR MY NEW BITCH,’ with the intriguing first paragraph added:

Her tongue ached with delight as she tickled Ben’s wrinkled bon-bon. His gasps and twitches melted her insides with shared … “Misunderstanding, my ass,” said Peggy. “Turn around and bend over, Nico.”

Our second search produced a similarly sexual result:

Mmmmmm! Semen!!!
1) What does semen taste like? 2) What do vaginal secretions taste like? Skip, however, developed a more sophisticated phraseology that elicited more

We gave up after that, but if reading a load of random search results (with a high likelihood of getting bizarre sexual based links) sounds like your idea of fun, click here: Mystery Google.