Orange and T-Mobile team up for “Everything Everywhere”

Orange and T-Mobile team up for

Orange and T-Mobile are have fluttered their eyelashes at each other and are now running hand in hand through the streets as the two unite under the “Everything Everywhere” banner.

By combining their two hefty network infrastructures, the joint venture will become the UK’s largest communications network, with over 30 million customers and 700 High Street stores.

The brands live on

Both brands will continue to trade under their own names and keep their individual identities and services, although substantial savings in operating costs should be made as duplicate infrastructures are eliminated.

Punters should also enjoy increased coverage thanks to the two networks buddying up, and – in theory at least – improved services and cheaper bills as costs shimmy downwards.

Here’s some corporate-speak from their press release:

The company intends to propel itself beyond mobile communications, with a greater focus in developing new revenue streams based on the way customers will use their devices in the future.

With greater scale, the company intends to develop new revenue streams in adjacent markets, such as mobile advertising and mobile commerce.

With the company’s new coverage and scale, it also intends to ramp up offers to the business market, with the best propositions and value for businesses across Britain.

The merger will officially take place from 1 July, where all employees of both networks will high-five each other as they become part of the Everything Everywhere uber-team, covering no less than 30 million people in the UK with a 37 per cent market share.

We still think they could have changed the name though. Maybe to something like T-Orange, Mange or Tango.

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  1. “cheaper bills as costs shimmy downwards.”

    Although you have to balance that with reduced competition, as the number of main networks is reduced from 5 to 4……

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