Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus coming to O2 in April?

Pre Plus and Pixi Plus coming to O2 in April?The filmiest of rumours are circulating that the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus could be heading in the direction of a European carrier next month.

Advert-bedecked UK tech blog Tracy and Matt are reporting that an anonymous tipster contacted them to say that o2 will start carrying the Pixi Plus and the Pre Plus.

As usual, the US have been the first in line to enjoy the latest Palm models, although the tipster claims that both handsets will be launched next month, being released shortly after the App Catalogue finally comes out of Beta for European users.

Here’s the full text of their tip:

O2 are following up the Palm Pre with the Palm Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus. The Pixi is new to the UK having a fixed qwerty keyboard like the RIM devices it shares the 8Gb storage of the original Pre but with a shortened display of 320 x 400 dropping 80 lines from the Pre.

Pre Plus and Pixi Plus coming to O2 in April?

The Pixi Processor is a Qualcomm instead if the Omap of the Pre, albeit running at the same clock speed. The Palm Pre Plus is like the original Pre but without the centre button and comes with the matt TouchStone enabled back previously having to be purchased separately allowing the wireless charging of the phone on the induction TouchStone charger.

The Pre Plus has 16Gb of storage and a double the ram also.

The build quality is said to be better than the original Pre with the keyboard being much more responsive with a definite click. In tests it has been seen to run 50 apps at the same time.

The expected launch date is April 2010 shortly after the App Catalogue comes out of Beta for European users allowing access for paid applications.

Much salt needed

Much as we’d love this to be true, an anonymous tipster writing to a rather obscure blog isn’t exactly what we’d call a rock solid source, but you can be sure we’ll keep you updated.

Rave reviews

We’re rather stoked by the Palm Pre Plus which has picked up enthusiastic reviews across the pond – including a rave review from the annoyingly chummy presenters on G4TV.

In their uber-joshing review, the Palm Pre Plus became the first ever product to garner five stars out of five on their show.

Check out the frothing review below (but maybe turn down the volume a bit) .

Waiting for the Palm Man

You may remember that back in February we wrote a rather damning piece called, “Palm Pre: why Palm’s innovative handset failed in the UK.”

Straight after, we wrote to both Palm and their UK PR company for their comments on the article, which proved to be one of the most popular articles on the site.

True to form, Palm completely ignored our request, while their PR agency promised to get back to us “soon”. After hearing nothing, we nagged them again last week, and apparently their response is still “coming soon”.

The saddest part of all this is that Wirefresh is actually rooting for the Palm.

The more hot alternatives to the iPhone the better, as far as we’re concerned, so come on Palm: sort it out.

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