Windows Phone 7 Series promo walks along with Palm

Windows Phone 7 Series Promo walks along with Palm

We’re sure it’s just one crazy coincidence (after all, adverts usually take a long time to produce) but there’s some astonishing similarities between Microsoft’s promo advert for their new Windows Phone 7 Series mobile operating system, and the one we saw from Palm last week.

The start of the Windows video is near identical to Palm’s, showing a pretty (and rather chuffed-with-herself) lady strutting down the street and interacting with a superimposed phone interface.

Both adverts are pretty watchable (as phone adverts go), but we fancy that Palm does a better job of getting over the benefits of the OS (for a full guide to the Windows Phone 7 Series, check out Engadget’s feature).

Take a look at both and see what you think:


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  1. They are a bit similar! Except the Palm one seems slicker. Shame the company’s going down the pan though. šŸ™

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