Palm Pre Plus multi-tasks with 50 simultaneous open apps! (video)

m Pre Plus multitasks with 50 simultaneous apps! (video)

File this one under “Blooming heck – how many?!!”

We all know that the the Palm Pre comes with the incredible webOS multi-tasking operating system, but the fellas at PreCentral wanted to find out how many apps they could keeping running at the same time on the new Palm Pre Plus.

The test was designed to see how much of an improvement the doubling of the onboad RAM might make to the Pre Plus’s multi-tasking abilities, and the results were astonishing.

Opening up the same apps on both phones, the original Sprint Pre (with 256MB of RAM) ran out of steam as it hit 13 apps, whereas the mighty Pre Plus kept on going… and going …and going… until it managed no less that FIFTY open apps simultaneously.

And you know the coolest thing? With all those 50 apps loaded into memory, the reviewer went back to the Need for Speed card and started playing the game, with nae bother.

Truly incredible stuff, Palm. Now can we have this ‘multitasking monster’ over here sharpish, please?


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