Simpson’s title scene created by graffiti artist Banksy

Simpson's title scene created by graffiti artist Banksy

We’re not really sure what to make of this, but the Banksy-directed title scene for the long running cartoon series The Simpsons  is certainly a bit different to the usual jaunty sequence.

We were hoping a bit of the Simpsons might cheer up our Monday morning, but it has to be said: it’s not exactly laugh a minute stuff.

Update: Fox have now pulled the video – sorry!

I don’t like Tuesdays

If that clip failed to clear the Monday blues, the bad news is that according to new research from the London School of Economics (LSE), tomorrow’s when you’ll need cheering up the most as their study has found Tuesday to be the saddest day of the week.

With the moods of 22,000 people being monitored via the Mappiness iPhone app, the results revealed that folks were at their lowest ebb on Tuesdays.

“It seems plausible that on Monday the weekend has not quite worn off,” commented project leader George MacKerron, of LSE’s Department of Geography and Environment.

“By Tuesday they are well into the working week and the following weekend is not yet in sight.”

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