Sony Ericsson unveils ‘Greenheart’ Elm and Hazel handsets. They’re not lookers.

Falling off the ugly tree and hitting just about every branch, twig and nut on the way down before landing in a juicy, wet cowpat is Sony Ericsson’s new Elm and Hazel handsets.

Part of their environmentally friendly ‘Greenheart’ range, both phones ship with the GreenHeart Stereo Portable HPM-60J personal handsfree kit.

The handsets sport 5 megapixel auto focus cameras, onboard Wi-Fi and GPS receivers with Google Maps and Wisepilot mapping applications preinstalled.

The Sony Ericsson Hazel serves up a 2.6-inch 16M colour QVGA display, and is a tad lardy  at 16 mm thick and weighs in at 120 g.

The Elm is an altogether slighter sort of fellow, just 14 mm thick and weighing 90 grams, but comes with a  meagre 2.2 inches 262K screen offering QVGA resolution.

Sporting a strange ‘bulged’ appearance that we’re not keen on at all, both phones support GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 and HSPA 2100/900e.

Sony Ericsson have introduced a new homescreen widget system giving direct integration with services such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, and they’re also offering online backup of personal information at

It may look like that something the dog’s got over-friendly with, but being a Sony, you can guarantee that the sound’s going to be of a decent quality, and the Elm and the Haze come with support for SensMe, TrackID, and MegaBass.

The Elm will be available in Metal Black and Pearly Rose colours from Q1 2010, with the Hazel following n Q2 and available in Superior Black and (ooo-er) Passionate Rouge.


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