Spotify music streaming service finally launches in the US

Spotify music streaming service finally launches in the US

It’s taken them an eternity to get the service up and running in the States, but the music streaming service Spotify is finally heading to the land of hamburgers and Mom’s apple pie.

The Swedish-based DRM-based music streaming service will offer the same pricing and access model as the rest of Europe, except that the number of free tracks available to non-subscribers will be unlimited for the first six months.

It’s an invite-only launch at the moment, but we imagine there’ll be no shortage of music lovers ready to join the 10 million registered users across seven countries in Europe. Of that total, over 1.6 million are paying subscribers to the service.

Ken Parks, Spotify’s chief content officer and managing director of the company’s US operations was ready to whoop up their offering:

We have made a meaningful dent into music piracy in Europe and hope to do so here in the US. There’s an entire generation of music lovers who have been lost by the music industry. We think our sweet spot will be the youthful demographic who have never bought physical music…we want to be a meaningful part of how people in the US buy music moving forward.

Celebrity fans are already squeaking excitedly about Spotify coming to the US, with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg updating his Facebook status to say “Spotify is so good,” while Britney Spears tweeted: “So excited Spotify is FINALLY coming to the US tomorrow! Getting my playlists ready now…”.

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