The awesome Adept Quattro robot prepares for world domination

Declared the world’s fastest pick and place industrial robot late last year, the Adept Quattro is a formidable beast, capable of working at a phenomenal rate of 300 cycles per second.

As part of National Robotics Week, the robot was challenged to do its high speed pick’n’placin’ capers on a moving platform, controlled by a Wii remote.

Fast as feck

It’s not an easy task: the holes for the chips are a very tight fit, so the robot has to be absolutely precise, as well as deal with the complex calculations for the moving platform.

As you can see, the Quattro nails the task at an outrageous rate of knots, and reminds us that while robots may not be quite ready to take over the world, there’s already some tasks they can do much, much better than their human overlords.