TweetDeck Twitter app coming to Android – more advanced than iPhone version

TweetDeck Twitter app coming to Android - bigger and better than iPhone version

Although there’s no shortage of excellent Twitter apps for the Android platform (Twidroid, Seesmic, Touiteur and Tweetcaster being our favourites), iPhone big hitters TweetDeck reckon they’ve some big tricks up their sleeves to make a real splash in the market.

They’re currently polishing off their Android TweetDeck app and claiming that it will be, “pushing the limits of what Android can do.”

More advanced than iPhone version

In advance of a full release, they’re inviting the great unwashed to get involved in some “serious” public beta testing later this week, with the Android app sporting new features yet to be seen in their iPhone and iPad versions.

Here’s what the company say about the new app in their blog:

First off, we’ve built Android TweetDeck from the ground up to be true multi-stream, laser focused on showing you all your friends’ cross-service activity in one app. Multi-column is still the order of the day but now columns are blended based on the type of activity rather than the service. And all this whilst retaining the most powerful functionality from each included service.

We’ve spent an inordinate amount of time making the app silky smooth from the column scrolling to the custom views – so much so that one of Google’s Android Developer Advocates recently described it as “a thing of beauty”. So look out for the beta test later this week and please do get involved.

Interestingly Android TweetDeck also represents the future of our iPhone and iPad applications. We’ll have a few bug fix releases shortly (awaiting approval in the app store) but in the background we are working on porting Android to iPhone in as quick a time as possible. Finally, it won’t be long before most of the new concepts in Android TweetDeck make it to the desktop and web – we’re also working on this now.


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