Update on the Humax PVR fix – still coming “soon.” Maybe.

Update on the Humax PVR fix - still coming Some Humax PVR users have been an unhappy lot recently, suffering fairly major performance issues with their units.

We’ve got two PVR-9200T units, both of which have been blighted by annoyances like slow updates, non responding remote controls and frozen players.

The company finally acknowledged the problems affecting these PVRs recently, promising a software solution that will ‘dramatically improve the user experience’ and address issues such as freezing and locking up.

How soon is now?

Frustratingly, the company has failed to name an actual date when these updates may become available, so we emailed their PR team last week asking for clarification.

We’ve just received an email (impressively sent on a Sunday afternoon) saying that they’ll have ‘firm dates’ for the update ’soon,’ but these are ’still to be confirmed at the moment.’

Which, frankly, doesn’t tell us anything at all and doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the product.

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7 Comments on “Update on the Humax PVR fix – still coming “soon.” Maybe.”

  1. I have a virtually unusable Humax 9150. There have been numerous promises of a new OS that would fix the freeze problem dating back to the beginning of the year but none have materialised. I have given up on the thing and ordered a Phillips HD PVR which will arrive at the end of the month. In the meantime I shall campaign to get my money back from Humax.
    People have been treated very shoddily by this company.

  2. My humax 9200 recently updated itself and I am a happy bunny again. Remote works properly. EPG now fully populated and everything seems to be back to its pre-changeover best. Faith retored in humax. Only slight and unconfirmed concern is hard drive may have shrunk in capacity.

  3. My Humax 9200T is infuriating. It will not respond to remote. It has to be turned off at the mains when it reboots and then you have a short while of responding. then same all over again

  4. Did anything ever happen with a fix? Our 9200T isn’t exactly in the first flush of youth but it is driving us up the wall. When we turn the unit on there’s no display at all. The remote has no impact and it only occasionally decides to turn itself on if we d a LOT of random button pushing on the unit itself, and or the remote … give up, go and do something else, come and try all over again …

    We’ve also had issues with it ‘losing’ series recording, or recording for example, one episode of Corrie at 7.30pm but failing to record the later one … or recording for one minute only ….. Grrrrrrrrr

    Can anyone help?

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