BlackBerry Bold slider phone gyrates in wobbly video

BlackBerry Bold slider phone gyrates in wobbly videoIt’s the briefest of videos- a mere, tantalising 14 seconds long – a half-decent eyeful of the eagerly awaited Blackberry Bold slider phone has been shunted on to YouTube.

Running the snazzy new Blackberry 6 operating system, the video shows off their new slim slider phone, sporting a brightly backlit QWERTY keyboard.

A slice of Pre

It’s not a million miles from the Palm Pre, and with the expected swishness of the new OS, Blackberry could have a winner here – if you like slider phones (and they don’t cock it up like they did with the awful Storm), of course.

Check out the shaky video below -and post up your thoughts, if you’re so inclined.


In case you’ve not seen it yet, here’s BlackBerry’s official promo for their BlackBerry 6 operating system: