Virtual Zippo Lighter app arrives on Android. Bozos rejoice!

Virtual Zippo Lighter app arrives on Android. Bozos rejoice!

If your idea of gig-going heaven is to wave a virtual lighter around in the air like a total muppet, then there’s good news if you’re an Android owner.


The utterly pointless Virtual Zippo Lighter has now made its way to the Android platform after proving a massive hit on the iPhone, where a claimed 14 million wallies downloaded the thing.

This utterly transparent piece of brand marketing by Zippo lighters is a free download which ‘opens’ with a ‘flick of your wrist’ and then ‘lights’ with a ‘turn of your thumb’.

The (cough) “windproof flame” then sways about as you move your phone about and responds if you blow on the microphone. Well, we say ‘responds’ but it looked thoroughly unnatural on our HTC Desire (apparently iLightr is better).

The app also lets you choose from a variety of free Zippo Lighter images, and links to a catalogue in the hope that you’ll buy more of the things.


If you decide to download this app, please don’t wave it in front of our faces because it’s probably even more annoying than the equally pathetic ‘iPint’ app that was shown off by clowns the world over a few years ago.

And remember: waving a virtual lighter at a gig is about as uncool as it can ever get.

[Download the app here. If you must.]