Watch a Nexus 7 and iPad being dunked in a bath: which survives?

We think these comparison drop tests are perfectly ridicuous, but if you’ve ever been kept up at night wondering how a  Nexus 7  tablet and iPad might face after being dropped in a bathful of water, read on.

The folks at US electrical warranty company SquareTrade first put a new iPad and the Nexus 7 to a selection of drop tests, intentionally dropping them from chest height and again from table top height.

Both times the tablets fell on to a hard surface, with the iPad coming out by far the worse (but then it is heavier and bigger, so that’s hardly a revelation).

The only test that was of any moderate interest was the one that saw both devices being briefly dunked in a bath tub.

We figured that the Nexus’s cheap price tag would ensure a swift demise for the device, but once again it proved to be more durable than its more expensive brother.

Check out the video below if you like to see perfectly good devices being smashed in the name of publicity.


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