Watch an endless stream of generally pointless Vine Twitter video updates


Twitter’s new app, Vine, has been designed to let users “create and share beautiful, short looping videos,” and it’s already proved a big online hit.

Watch an endless stream of generally pointless Vine Twitter video updates

Launched as a standalone app and network with obvious links to Twitter, the service (currently iPhone only) lets users make and share video clips between three and six seconds long.

Clearly inspired by the current fad for animated gifs, videos automatically start and endlessly loop. Sound can be included in the clip, but is turned off by default.

A new service called “VinePeek”, lets you see real time video clips as they’re being uploaded and is rather compulsively engaging, even if most of the clips fall far short of being described as “beautiful.

Here’s how  PXi Ventures, the people behind vinpeek, describe their venture:

vinepeek shows you newly posted Vines in realtime. Sit back and watch the world in 6 second bites. Best viewed on a desktop browser.

Unlike lightning, sometimes Vines strike twice. Please be patient if you see a Vine more than once. If it seems to freeze, refresh the page.


Tech site Mashable has run an article entitled ‘Graphic Porn Invades Vine,” although all we saw in ten looong minutes was an endless parade of generally supremely pointless videos of people eating, making faces, pouring drinks, recording TV screens, filming their pets  or making ‘amusing’ stop-frame animations.

Click here to see the video stream.

Read more about Vine on Twitter’s blog.

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