WordPress stats too sexy to work

Wordpress WP-stats looks to be broken

After spending some considerable time fiddling about with all of our WordPress settings, shouting a lot, and screaming at our browser, we decided to take a look on Twitter and it seems that an awful lot of people are having trouble accessing their WordPress stats too.

Too sexy to work

We assume it’s something do with the recent implementation of what they’ve described as their new ‘Sexy Stats’ interface which has been rolling out across their WordPress-hosted sites.

Wordpress WP-stats looks to be broken

It seems that Nick at WordPress really gets off on pages of super-sexy stats, and we suspect there may have been some undie-moistening going on when he introduced the updated feature on the WordPress blog:

You may have noticed a change to your stat charts a couple of weeks ago. We ditched Flash in place of a more robust charting library called Flot. If you didn’t notice, go check it out because you can view all of the new charts with modern browsers including mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. Sooo sexy! Today we updated the charts to use bars instead of points and lines. We’ve also made the stats page super sexy.

The blog says that  sites using the Stats plugin on a self-hosted blog “will see an update after we iterate on the new design.”

Maybe the new update was just too sexy for our blogs?

Update 18:07 – the stats are back!

Glad to report that our stats are now working, although they’re not even slightly new or sexy – just the same old ones as before.

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  1. Same here… nothing but a weird miniature login followed by the text portion. The text for top posts and the like appears to be accurate, so I am assuming the data is being collected just not shown properly.

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