Android users prefer QWERTY keyboards, love Angry Birds (study)

Android users prefer QWERTY keyboards, love Angry Birds (study)

Driven wild by curiosity, Mobile ad exchange Mobclix recently fired off a load of questions to 1,025 Android owners and after their boffins had analysed their answers, knocked out a big shiny infographic for our delectation.


Amongst the nuggets of information unearthed was that fact that Android users *heart* physical QWERTY keyboards, which spells good news for the recently released Motorola Droid Pro, which rocks a full QWERTY keyboard in a candy bar package.

Da yoot

It seems Android phones appeal to a youngish demographic, with 60 per cent of users under 34 and 30 per cent in the 34-49 category.

Nearly half (45 per cent) of those surveyed had switched from a feature phone (8 per cent from an iPhone), with Android users spending 1/7th of what iPhone owners shell out for in-app purchases. However, Android owners are twice as likely to make payments on their devices as other smartphone owners.

Less apps

Apple iPhone owners are keener on downloading apps, with an average of 28 installed apps on their handsets compared to 17 apps for Android users.

Less than half (46 per cent) of Android users preferred a touch screen over a keyboard, perhaps because email was found to be the most popular activity, taking 37 per cent of their time.

Games kept Android users occupied for 21 per cent of their time, while maps/navigation apparently took up 8 per cent.

Not surprisingly, the mighty Angry Birds is the most popular free game, followed by Solitaire and Jewels.

But – hey! – enough of our yacking, here’s the infographic:

Android users prefer QWERTY keyboards, love Angry Birds (study)