Android’s growth leaves iPhone ‘dead in the water,’ Apple fans should be ‘scared to death’

Android's growth leaves iPhone 'dead in the water,' Apple fans should be 'scared to death'

It seems like every week we’re posting up news about the continuing growth of Google’s Android OS, and the latest figures reveal that it’s leaving Apple behind in the dust.

Android’s on a speedboat, Apple’s on a pedalo

New research from stat boffins Comscore reveals Android surging ahead of the pack with an astonishing 7 point market share growth in the US smartphone market over the past three months.

The news wasn’t so good for Blackberry fans with RIM’s market share slumping by over 5 points over the same period.

Dead in the water

Although Apple’s share increased slightly, BusinessInsider noted that it had fallen so far behind Android as to be “dead in the water,” with a market share of just 25 per cent.

By comparison, Android has bagged itself a third of the US market (33 per cent), while RIM has seen its once dominant share crash to 29 per cent.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 fell from 9 per cent to 7.7 per cent, while Palm – bless ’em – continue their slide into obscurity, falling another point to 2.8 per cent.

Apple fans be afraid. Very afraid

BusinessInsider argues that Apple fans “should be scared to death” of Android gains, drawing comparisons with the PC vs Mac wars of the 1990s, where Apple was unable to compete against a software platform that had become standardised across many hardware manufacturers.

The damning stats from Comscore:

First up, here’s the US Handset Share stats for February 2011:

Android's growth leaves iPhone 'dead in the water,' Apple fans should be 'scared to death'

And here’s the all-important figures for US smartphone share:

Android's growth leaves iPhone 'dead in the water,' Apple fans should be 'scared to death'

What’s your take?

Is Apple really dead in the water? And is it going to be Android all the way from now on?

Tell us what you think by adding a comment below!

[Source: BusinessInsider]

4 Comments on “Android’s growth leaves iPhone ‘dead in the water,’ Apple fans should be ‘scared to death’”

  1. I think the language used is a bit over the top here. 25% of the smartphone market is hardly ‘dead in the water’.

    Remember the Smartphone market is growing overall. So even if market share is static, you are still getting growth in sales.

    Personally I can’t stand the Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Imac or Ikettle but I don’t think Apple will be going anywhere anytime soon.

  2. What a strange article – why should I be afraid if my hardware/OS of choice is no longer the same as that of the masses? Maybe Apple might feel mildly alarmed, but Apple users won’t – I don’t remember feeling any fear whatsoever through the 90s either, or even noticing there was a war on…

  3. LOL! The language is so idiotic that it almost undermines Wirefreshes credibility that it’s posted here! Seriously, no tech corporation’s device should scare any consumer to death or anything less. In addition, even though Windows pulled ahead in the 90s millions of people still happily used Macs without feeling stupid or acting as infantile as these quotes in this piece…

  4. lol at the butthurt Apple fanbois who bothered to respond. Android is like a speeding freight train and the iphone is a stupid little deer that’s thinks it owns the track. Now that Google has dethroned Apple and your beloved leader is terminal it’s game over Apple drones. Watch as your beloved Apple slowly rotts and stinks up the place. It’s like the PC wars all over I only wish Steve Jobs could be around long enough to see it.

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