Are you getting the Orange HTC Desire Froyo update?

Orange HTC Desire Froyo update finally rolls out

According to the busy-Tweeting Conor from Orange, the long overdue Android Froyo 2.2 update has started to roll out to their HTC Desire customers.

The oft-delayed update brings sweet Android 2.2 OS goodness to the already marvellous HTC Desire phone –  and hopefully will get rid of some of the useless cack that Orange originally burdened the phone with.

Orange HTC Desire Froyo update finally rolls out

Where is it?

We’ve been bashing the Settings -> About phone -> System software  updates -> Check now menus like a dervish on crack, but there’s nothing showing for us yet.

Under pressure from impatient Tweeters, the beardy Conor commentated:

Froyo is available to everyone on a HTC Desire on Orange UK. It mightn’t always appear on your updates straight away due to the amount of traffic going through HTC’s servers.

The questions kept on coming, promoting a slightly annoyed-sounding Conor to add:

traffic on a server is traffic on a server, sorry but I can’t be more specific than that, Froyo should be with you soon

Are you Froyo’d?

So, how about you folks out there in Orange Android land?

Have you got your HTC Desire updated yet?


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56 Comments on “Are you getting the Orange HTC Desire Froyo update?”

  1. Checked for update before turning in…..bang! Never seen that screen before (sys update). took about 2 mninutes to download on WiFi. 3 minutes to Install.

    Checked again when update done.

    Bang! Another update available…..Froyo!

    Downloading now…….

  2. happy that i got the froyo finally !! but its got one massive problem why does most of my music now come up as unknown artist ??? iv looked on other web pages and it seems iv gotta live with it or convert all my music to mp3!!! which will take forever i hope they sort this out because its pain in the butt…

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