Blackberry App World notches up 100,000 apps

Blackberry App World notches up 100,000 apps

Research In Motion – the folks behind the Blackberry handsets normally seen in the hands of swivel-action business types – have announced that their app store has now reached its 10,000 app milestone.

Trailing behind

There’s no doubting that 10,000 apps is – as Cilla might say – a lorra lorra apps, but it’s still a mere drop in the app ocean compared to its two biggest rivals.

Blackberry App World notches up 100,000 apps

Apple is estimated to have an astonishing 250,000 apps filling up the virtual shelves of its App Store, while Android has something like 100,000 apps of its own.

With RIM’s recent run of rather underwhelming new smartphones, the company needs to step up its game to keep its current customers defecting over to their rivals.

There’s also a bit of a question mark over the quality of some of the Blackberry apps compared to some of the most popular programs on the Apple and Android platforms, but with RIM’s developer conference – nattily known as DevCon – coming up soon, perhaps things will heat up a bit.

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