Google giant logo constructed out of 884 London photos

Google giant logo constructed out of 884 London photos

A bunch of employees at Google’s offices in London have constructed a giant Google logo out of 884 individually printed 4×6 photographs.

The task took five and and a half hours to complete, and they decided to document the creation of the logo with a time lapsed camera, shooting every seven seconds,.

The end result is a compressed video lasting 1:20 minutes.

Google giant logo constructed out of 884 London photos

Clay Bavor, Group Product Manager, explains the motivation in their blog:

Part of the appeal of this project was that it was complicated. First, in order to have enough “tiles” to make the underlying image clear, I knew we’d need a really, really large wall. Second, for you to be able to appreciate both the underlying image and the individual tiles, you’d have to be able to see the mosaic from a large distance (so the tiles blend to create the larger image), and also be able to walk right up to it to look at individual photographs.

So the wall would have to be at the end of a long hallway. Third, if you can inspect individual images, then those images would have to be nice, crisp, high-resolution photographs. So I’d have to amass a whole bunch of really high-resolution photos directly from good photographers, and I’d have to figure out exactly where to place all those photos within the image. And finally, I knew I’d need a lot of people to help glue all the photos!

Declaring themselves “really pleased with the result,” you can see all the action below.

We think we’d like a job at Google.

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