Google+ invite process shut down after ‘Insane Demand’


Six hours after Google opened up the invitation process to its new new social networking service Google+, the company has had to close down invites, with Google’s senior vice president of engineering, Vic Gundotra, citing “insane demand.”

The service was initially only open to lucky insiders, but with the second wave of invitees able to invite their friends to join the service, demand went through the roof.

Perhaps smarting over the initial rush – or more likely lapping up the buzz that’s already been created for their Facebook rival – Gundotra commented that the invite process now needs to done “carefully, and in a controlled way.”

There’s no news yet as to when the invite functionality will come back.

So far – we’re loving it

We managed to get on to the service and so far we’re very, very impressed.

Could Google’s new service be a Facebook killer? You know, what, it might just be….


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