Internet memes combine to create truly crap movie

Internet memes combine to create truly crap movie

It’s about about as bizarre as you’re going to get, but a cluster (or should that be a ‘failure’?) of internet meme ‘stars’  have got together to create a trailer for what what they hope will turn into a hit viral movie.

Memesters galore

The trailer racks up all the big memesters of the last year and includes Antoine “Bed Intruder” Dodson, Bear “Double Rainbow” Vazquez, Gary “Numa Numa” Brolsma, Ben “Leeroy Jenkins” Schultz, Brian Collins, a.k.a. Mr. “Boom Goes The Dynamite” and a few other familiar faces from YouTube.

This work of this unlikely gathering of internet (splutter) ‘stars’ with extremely limited talent will go under the name of the The Chronicles of Rick Roll and here’s a behind-the-scenes interview below (if the thing actually exists at all, of course).

The full-length trailer is apparently “coming soon,” although it comes as no surprise to learn that there’s no set date for the full movie release.

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