London Tube Service Free for HP/Palm webOS – review

London Tube Service Free for HP/Palm webOS - review

Even the most fanatical Palm Pre/Pixi fans would have to admit that when it comes to UK-based apps, the webOS cupboard has remained rather bare compared to the well stocked shelves of rivals like Android and iOS.

Happily, a few good apps are slowly filtering through to HP/Palm users on this side of the pond, and the London Tube Service Free app certainly stands up against some of the best apps on other platforms.

London Tube Service Free for HP/Palm webOS - review

The free download serves up a clean, easy to use interface, with the first screen listing the status of all tube, DLR and Overground lines on the London Underground network.

If everything is running smoothly, you’ll see a big reassuring tick next to the colour coded lines, but if there is a problem, you can click on the icon for more info.

London Tube Service Free for HP/Palm webOS - review

There’s five info screens accessed via a set of five icons at the bottom – clicking on the second one brings up live departure times for all tube lines.

The third icon uses your phone’s GPS to find the stations nearest to you, with the stations listed by distance and tube line.

From this screen you can conveniently call up the live departures for selected stations, access TfL’s excellent Journey Planner or view th station (and where you are) on Google Maps.

The fourth icon shows you tube and overground updates for the forthcoming weekend while the last icon takes you straight to TfL’s Journey Planner.


London Tube Service Free is simple to use, fast to load and certainly makes for a very comprehensive and easy to use package.

Just about the only things we’d like to see on top would be a tube map and the ability to save favourite stations, but seeing as the app is free and doesn’t come burdened with adverts, this is a thoroughly excellent addition to any webOS device.

Ease of use: 4 starshalf star
Features: 4 stars
Speed: 4 stars
Overall: 4 starshalf star

[Download the app here]

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  1. Hi, author of the app here. Thanks for the review, it’s great to see the app in use (and getting a good score 🙂 ).

    I’d love to add a tube map, but unfortunately licensing it is fairly expensive and since I give the app away for free I can’t really justify adding it.

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