Microsoft Courier tablet: video leaked

Gizmodo have released more info about Microsoft’s fascinating Courier tablet, with the site showing an internal video showing how the company thinks we’ll use Courier.

Microsoft Courier video leaked

The video looks less of a concept piece than the first, with the interface looking smoother, offering a more defined folder system, universal search and multi-page web browsing. Perhaps this is close to the finished thing?

A concept called the “infinite journal” (which sounds a bit like a Star trek episode to us) sits in the heart of the Courier, making it a journal/scrapbook that is ‘endless’, bound only by storage (and maybe cloud-based) constraints.

Journals can be shared online as a Courier file, Powerpoint or PDF with the content being inputted by pen and manipulated by finger-based flicks, swipes and pinches.

We’re still loving this concept and applaud Microsoft for coming up with what looks like areal innovation. Let’s hope it comes to market sooner or later because we’re dying to have a play on one.

See the video here: Gizmodo

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