Orange and T-Mobile cuddle up and become ‘Everything Everywhere’

Orange and T-Mobile become  'Everything Everywhere'

It’s a rubbish name alright, but Orange UK and T-Mobile UK have finally got around to integrating with each other, with all employees working for the new ‘Everything Everywhere’ brand.

Local printers have been sent into overdrive as vast orders for new business cards and headed paper flood in, with anything with a logo on it being rapidly rebranded under the new ‘Everything Everywhere Limited’ banner.

We can’t say we’re impressed with the thing, mind. It’s a horrible logo that looks like it was knocked out in Microsoft Word and has none of the distinctive branding of, say, Orange’s identity.

Orange and T-Mobile become  'Everything Everywhere'

Tom Alexander, Chief Executive of Everything Everywhere Limited wasn’t bothered though, and was busy punching the air in an Everything Everywhere kind of way and purring:

The formal integration of our new company, Everything Everywhere Limited, is another major milestone and reflects the rapid progress we have made over the past nine months.

Today we have created the country’s biggest communications company, and as the new leader in the industry, it is our aspiration to give our customers instant access to the world around them, to everything everywhere, through both of our brands, Orange and T-Mobile.

The combination of the two company’s vast network infrastructures will make Everything Everywhere the UK’s largest communications network, with over 30 million customers and 700 High Street stores.

The new company has already confirmed that no stores are expected to close.

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  1. The combined coverage of Orange and T-mobile should be giving current coverage leader Vodafone a sleepless night or two.

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