Palm webOS 1.4 hands-on shows off Flash support

Palm webOS 1.4 shows off Flash support

The guys at PreCentral managed to bag some hands-on time with a GSM Palm Pre running an early version of Flash, and have shared the video with the world.

Shot at Adobe’s booth at the Mobile World Congress, the video shows some of the visual enhancements seen in the new update to Palm’s multi-tasking webOS, as well as a web Flash game running “pretty darn well.”

A Flash-powered Sky News clip also runs as sweet as pie although it’s clearly still not the fully polished version yet, as the interface suffers a drunken stagger at the sight of Google Finance.

It looks like early reports of Flash support arriving in February may have been a bit premature too, with Adobe staunchly sticking to their estimate of the ‘First Half of 2010.’

Precentral commented that they found Flash on the Pre to be nippier than on an Android Droid handset, but the Nexus One had them both beat.