Palm webOS official app total slowly meanders up to 5,000 apps

Palm webOS official app total passes 5,000

The Official App Catalog for webOS for the US has been officially reported as nudging past the landmark total of 5,000 available apps

According to a report on PreCentral, once all the web apps, beta apps, international apps, and homebrew apps were totted up as well, the grand app total for webOS devices stands somewhere around the 6,000 mark.

Disappointing growth

Although 5,000 apps is not to be sniffed at, there’s no denying that it makes for a paltry total compared to the tens of thousands of apps available on rival platforms like the iPhone and Google Android.

The figure looks all the more disappointing when you compare it to the new boy in town, Windows Mobile 7.

Despite only being launched less than two months ago, Microsoft’s new platform has already attracted 4,000 apps and looks set to pass the webOS’s total very soon.

Sort it out, HP

We hope that the webOS can flourish under HP’s ownership and enough developers can be encouraged to keep on writing for the platform, but it looks like it’s going to be a very tough battle.

Despite the webOS still remaining our favourite mobile operating system, the painfully limited range of handsets available and the shortage of apps means that it’s unlikely to attract punters when there’s so many exciting handsets available on rival platforms.

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