Unlocked Palm Pre available in the UK

Unlocked Palm Pre available in the UK If you’re craving a piece of Palm Pre action but don’t fancy getting jiggy with exclusive UK distributors O2, then you’ll soon be able to pick up an unlocked handset for the rather hefty sum of £499.

Online tech retailers eXpansys will be offering unlocked Palm Pres for sale by the end of the week, but there’s a slight catch: they’ll be coming with German keyboards.

In case you’re fearing a keypad full of umlauts, weird accented characters and other Teutonic oddities, fear not: the keyboard will be exactly the same as the UK version except the Z and Y locations are swapped around.

Great if you’ve got lots of friends called Fritz and are always emailing Franz Ferdinand!

Early reports suggest that the Palm Pre has proved a hit in the UK, despite a curiously laid-back approach to promotion.

The versions available from Expansys units come factory unlocked and work on any UK network.


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