White Google Nexus 4 officially announced. Nothing new to see here.

White Google Nexus 4 officially announced

Well, this is a little bit of a disappointment. Rumours of an upcoming white LG Google Nexus 4 handset had fuelled hopes that the shiny blanc number would feature an updated Android OS (and perhaps some more memory) have proved unfounded.

White Google Nexus 4 officially announced

LG has announced that the new white handset will be released in Hong Kong on May 29th, rolling out across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and America in subsequent weeks.

What is rather odd is that the ‘white’ version is exactly the same as the black version from the front, but just has a white back and sides.

The rest of the specs are exactly the same too, with the Nexus 4 coming with the a super-sharp 4.7in 320ppi screen, beefy Snapdragon S4 Pro processing power and an 8MP camera.

Even without any upgrades onboard, the handset still remains one of the best you can buy and represents outstanding value for money.

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