The Do Not Tweet List and how to avoid Twitter disasters

The Do Not Tweet List and how to avoid Twitter disasters

With numerous examples of loose-lipped Twitterers blabbing themselves into tricky situations, social media site NewCommBizz has compiled a handy list of Twitter Ye Nots.

Mainly aimed at bored employees seeking some social networking solace from dull workdays, the ten point list slams down the ‘do nots,’ starting with the obvious: “Don’t complain about your customers on Twitter. They are listening.”

Here’s their list – how many of these rules have you broken?

The Do Not Tweet List

  1. Don’t complain about your customers on Twitter. They are listening.
  2. DM is not IM. It’s not a secure communication channel.
  3. Disclose conflicts of interest: Clients, Competitors, Partners.
  4. Don’t get defensive about negative criticism of your company or products.
  5. Don’t publicize private issues or jeopardize the company’s working relationships.
  6. Unless soliciting community feedback is part of your product development, don’t  tweet about products under development.
  7. Don’t post about company financials before an earnings call. This can get you and your company in trouble with the SEC.
  8. If you have a gripe about a coworker or your boss talk to them about it. Tweeting about it is passive aggressive and makes you and the company look bad.
  9. Don’t spam your personal account with irrelevant work promotions. Promoting work is fine if it’s relevant to your followers.
  10. Don’t think having an anonymous account makes any of this okay.

Avoid Twitter disasters

PC World have also offered their own list for Avoiding Twitter Disasters, adding the sage observation, “Twitter never forgets,” while Businessworld has served up their own piece on avoiding similar disasters.


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